Sugar = Bad. Very Bad.

Why? Because it’s a narcotic. Because it’s destroying bodies and minds. Because it’s addicting your children. Because it’s fundamentally degrading the integrity and potential of this nation. Because, Because, Because. Fed Up looks at all angles of sugar in the American diet.

An Apple A Day (NYT)

I found this article at the New York Times. It’a an important read on many levels, notably angled to Montessori because part of our charge is to guide children into making intentional eating choices (vs. impulse) that are healthy, nutritious, and tasty. Cultural norms and food availability, raw and manufactured, certainly influence the Montessori adult’s work. However, consistency and joyful experiences with food – in any prepared environment: home, school, car, etc. – offer the “right” message about good eating habits that infiltrate the young mind. After all, yes, obesity and its consequential health effects is a tremendous problem. Every reason implores getting young children on with life on the right foot.